Well, it’s been fun! We have officially moved to  http://www.chicanschoice.com I’ll be deleting all of the old posts from here and posting the new ones from there (of course, I’ll be leaving this one up). If you subscribed here, you can also subscribe on the new site (the subscribe box is on the right side of the home page). Thanks again and I’ll see you on the new site! Spread the soup!



What’s brewing soup troopers? Well, for the beginning of the year-I will be making chican’s choice  a official website.  I should be launching the first post on New year’s day. I will carry over all the post from here, so you can still check out old post. I will also be adding new things to the site. This year, I want to make Chican’s choice a site that can compete with the elite blogs and websites. You will be a huge part of making that happen. Please make sure you subscribe, read and repost the blogs from there. I want to thank all of you for a great year! Thank you for reading all 75 post that I made. Trust me, this year-I will be doing a lot more. Your going to have to keep up with me. I will also be submitting my write ups and interviews from the other sites that I write for as well. Thank you all again and God bless!  Let’s make 2012 even better. Spread The Soup!